Mateo Carvajal raised jump in Exatlón México vs Colombia

The competition was quite close, in the circuit that they had to complete.

The renowned Colombian athlete, Mateo Carvajal, He is a participant in the television program Exatlón Mexico vs Colombia. In the first meeting, the athlete came full of energy to destroy everything and declared that he wanted to “Tame ‘The Beast’” referring to David Juárez, another recognized competitor of the Mexican program.

“With much effort I have achieved many things in my life, But I am missing one, and it is the one I came here to do. Come and winI came to win Exatlón México and I came to tame ‘La Bestia’ ”, said the Colombian.

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However, sadly for the Colombian team, David Juárez gave his group the victory point in the contest against Mateo Carvajal.

The competition was quite close, in the circuit that they had to complete and Mateo Carvajal managed to gain a certain advantage, but the final play was at the shooting station, where ‘La Bestia’ showed his marksmanship skills.

Previously in the same program, prior to the competition, Mateo Carvajal he would have made some comments against the Mexican soccer team.

“If the Mexican team of Exatlón is the same as the Mexican soccer team, hey, I think we already beat them,” he said.

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The scuffle between Colombians and Mexicans is still present in the TV Azteca reality competition, Jair Regalado, competitor of the Mexican team, said “I want to eat Colombian”, phrase with which the team from the coffee country was offended and responded, crossing the television barrier, through social networks that they would tame ‘The Beast’ like a Chihuahua dog.

Mateo Carvajal has more than 4 million followers In his social networks, he was the winner of the 2017 Super Human Challenge and has a great sports career that he began to forge from a very young age.

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