Mateo Carvajal told a ‘paranormal’ moment that he lived when he was ‘chinche’

The athlete spoke of this situation to his followers on social networks.

Mateo Carvajal She has stood out on social media for sharing sports content, exercise routines she performs, races she runs with her acquaintances and friends, and funny moments she lives with her little son Salvador. The paisa does not hesitate to add humor and sarcasm to his publications, amusing more than one of the curious who comes to his personal accounts.

Recently, as is usual in his posts, the Colombian decided to carry out a question and answer session to interact with his followers. In the middle of this activity, the influencer told viewers that They asked him for stories on different topics and he would tell them without problem.

One of the people was interested in adding mystery and suspense to the dynamics, so he asked Mateo to tell a story of a paranormal event that he had experienced throughout his life. The athlete became serious and He did not hesitate to open up about a strange experience he had when he was just a child.

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According to what Carvajal related, everything happened in his childhood when he was in his grandmother’s house. Although he did not include the term paranormal in his words, many they assumed that it could be a presence that had contact with him.

“This is very strange, I swear it is true. I was very young, I was in my grandmother’s house, leaning out of the window, in her room, and from the front in a building there was someone who told me to fuck myself, and I looked at him and I: ‘Oh, gono % & $ #‘”Said the athlete, mimicking the sign made by that person or being from the other side.

The paisa did not give details regarding this experience, nor did he reveal whether he spoke about this to his parents when he was little.

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