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Cairo: Ahmed El Roby
Mai El-Gheity is an Egyptian artist who has starred in the last three years, and she has chosen her roles carefully. During the series “Wlad Abed”, which belongs to the collective championship.

She asserts that the character she embodied in the movie “Ritsa” is one of the most difficult characters she has embodied. More details in an interview with her.

What was the reaction to your role in “Ritsa”?

Praise be to God, the reactions that I received praise the work and the role, and they were very positive, so I was very pleased with the audience’s interaction with the work, and I hope that the audience will remain satisfied with my performance in every work I present, for this is what the artist strives for all the time, to be in the good opinion of the public with it.

The character is difficult.. How did you deal with the role?

actually. She suffers from cancer, which affects her life greatly, and makes her recalculate again in everything that revolves around her, and although her illness is one of the causes of personality transformation, the role did not revolve around her disease only; So I had to approach the role very carefully so that I could communicate the character well, and not only go to sympathize with her illness and that she might pass away at any time; Rather, I was trying to have a focus on the dimensions of the character and her life, and the love story she lives, in addition to the sacrifice that is being made so as not to leave her husband suffering after her death, so I tried all the time not to make the viewer’s admiration just sympathy.

You mentioned that you hired a psychiatrist for the role… so what is the reason?

I am already studying psychology, and this helped me in some way to identify the different aspects of personality, and deal with them through the psychological dimensions that drive them. The psychological formation of the personality is different and difficult and has motives that move it all the time, so I had to understand it well, and then I sat down with a friend psychiatrist, to help me reach the maximum level of understanding the suffering of the character between illness and the love and sacrifice she makes for her husband.

Were you afraid that the character would not reach the audience as you wish?

Honesty is the first key to that character. If she was not honest in all her emotions, looks and feelings, she would not have reached the audience at all, so I was all the time trying to be honest in my emotions and reactions, and my sense of them, and this fear that was controlling me and I tried as much as I could to present The role honestly reaches the viewer, and thank God this is what reached the audience.

Why do you prefer romantic works in particular?

If your question is because of the films “Ritsa” and “Moon 14”, as they are in the same season of the show and both belong to romance films, this is certainly a coincidence, but it is important to emphasize that there is a big difference in each character I present in each of them, so I always strive to To play different roles, that do not even resemble me on a personal level, so we cannot compare them, and I also did not intend to exist only in romantic works; I like to do all kinds of drama.

Some artists attach the character to them after completing the filming of the work.. Are you one of them?

There are actors, once filming ends, the character ends up inside them, and I envy them, but the character may remain for some time affecting my psychological state. Of course, not in all the roles, but some of them and the situations that touch me the most.

Is there a type of role that you think might not suit you?

Sometimes I feel that it is difficult to present comedy, as it does not suit me, because it needs an artist with a sense of humor, and I do not have a sense of humor or wit, so I feel that comedy may not suit me, or that if I presented it, it may not come out well that the audience likes, on Even though the script might be well written, making me do stand-up comedy for example, the comedy feels a bit far from me.

Are you preparing for next Ramadan?

I contracted to participate in the series “Wlad Abed”, in which I will attend the next Ramadan, directed by Akram Farid, written by Samah Hariri, and co-starring: Aiten Amer, Riad Al-Khouli, Sabri Fawaz, Mohsen Mohieldin, Safaa Al-Toukhi, Firas Saeed, and Safwa, Phaedra, Sama Ibrahim, Jamil Barsoum, and Tatiana.

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