Mayors will be able to request military aid when vandals set up excesses in protests

“No specific conduct is observed from which the infringement of the deprecated fundamental rights can be inferred,” reads one of the sections of the decision.

The decree had been suspended in the middle of the study of a tutela presented by several citizens of Cali, who considered that the response of the police and military forces in the citizen protests was putting at risk the exercise of their right to social protest, to life and personal integrity, to due process and not to be subjected to forced disappearance.

At that time, the Fourth Section held that social protest in itself does not put national sovereignty at risk, which is why military assistance was not necessary, “Although in these cases acts of violence may occur and that, to restore order, the Police may carry out, for example, preventive arrests, under the terms provided by law.”

At that time, the Council of State had in its hands reports on 15 deaths that were the result of acts of violence recorded in the protests, three of which were attributable to the Public Force.

According to information from non-governmental organizations such as Human Rights Watch, as of June 2021, 67 reports of deaths occurred during social mobilizations were received, the majority apparently occurred by gunshots, a knife and detonations.

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