Mechudos entered the hairdresser, but not for a cut, but to stab and shoot the barber

One video captured by a security camera installed inside the establishment, it shows the moment in which the citizen of good struggles with the ‘thieves’ seeking to avoid the assault, but receive sharps weapon injuries to one eye and hand and a traumatic weapon shot at close range that left a rubber bullet lodged in the thorax, close to the heart.

While the attackers fled the site, the shot, father of a girl, was rushed by ‘Good Samaritans’ to the facilities of the Clinic of the West of the Avenue of the Americas, ‘arribita’ de la Boyacá, very close to the place of the events, with a forecast reserved in a Intensive Care Unit ICU.

At this time, law enforcement officers from the Bogotá Metropolitan Police (Mebog) and hounds from the Attorney General’s Office are trying to find the identity and the whereabouts of the two ‘jewels’, who would be the same who have dealt other blows to trade in the Marseille sector.

The hairdresser’s wife regretted that several Neighbors passed in front of the room and when they saw what was happening, they did absolutely nothing.

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