Menna Shalaby competes with herself with “Zico” and “Crime” | Gulf newspaper

Cairo: «The Gulf»

Egyptian actress Menna Shalaby expressed her happiness and concern at the same time, due to the release of two films for her in one day, as she competed in the holiday season and the new year with two films that are presented today, the first entitled “For Zico”, in front of Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Mahmoud, Mahmoud Hafez, The guest of honor is Esaad Younes and Chico, written by Mostafa Hamdi and directed by Peter Mimi.

The second film, in which she co-stars, “The Crime”, in front of Ahmed Ezz, Majid Al-Kadwany, Sayed Ragab, Riad Al-Khouli, Nabil Issa Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, Mirna Noureddine, Nardine Farag, script and dialogue by Amin Jamal, Mohamed Mahrez, written and directed by Sharif Arafa.

Although Shalaby plays two different characters in two different worlds, which pleases her with the diversity of her works, she expressed her concern about competing with herself with two works at the same time, in addition to her movie “The Mongoose and the Man”, which she co-starred in front of the artist Mohamed Henedy, and it was released in the cinema in August / Last August, it is still shown in some theaters.

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