Merchants in San Victorino emberracado by increases in the appraisal of their businesses

They insist that these excessive charges would have dire consequences for business.

Merchants from San Victorino denounce that they have been affected by excessive charges in the appraisal of their businesses. As they highlight, due to the health emergency there were prolonged closures and this it affected the owners.

They stated that currently the business faces a disproportionate collection of cadastral appraisals, for an increase of up to 400%.

As they denounced, the merchants of the sector would end up working only to pay the collections of property taxes, What would not give any profitability for the merchants and would cause a new imminent closure of the premises.

In addition, as they warned, they want to recover what was lost in the Christmas season, but with these charges there would be no possibility. “It is important to take into account that the GranSan Shopping Center mostly sells clothing for strata 1, 2 and 3, its main reason for being is to generate employment for the whole family. Family nuclei are those that have dedicated themselves to organizing a place in San Victorino”Said Juan Torres Barrera, spokesman for the Gran San Shopping Center.

And it is that, they indicated, to develop a business model three elements must be met: generate employment, generate wealth, innovation in science and technology.

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As mentioned, the requirements with which San Victorino meets, contrary to what happens with large brands that bring merchandise from abroad and, at the end of the day, “we get the fruit of the closure of the Colombian enterprises that would be affected with the measure of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá regarding these charges”, They indicated.

“It is not possible that the square meter of the shopping center is above the value of other exclusive sectors such as Unicentro, the Andino Shopping Center, it is not true that sales in the sector are trillions of pesos and even as some district entities say that the shopping center has money laundering or contraband”, Assured Torres.

We are entire Colombian families that work honestly and honestly to support our homes.”He added.

On the other hand, the merchants insist that these excessive charges by the District would bring dire consequences for Colombian commerce, employment and manufacturing, “due to the irresponsibility of the cadastre officials in the face of a measure they want to impose.”

In that sense, Different commercial organizations ask the National and District governments to be heard.

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