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Héctor Soberón and Michelle Vieth

The actress participated this week in the Yordi Rosado program …

Michelle Vieth returned to the topic of the famous s3xual video that was leaked in the past, during her participation in the Yordi Rosado program on YouTube.

The actress revealed to the driver that the person responsible for filtering the tape was none other than her ex-husband, actor Héctor Soberón, who always denied being the cause of so much pain.

“It is a material cut, edited, from different years, pasted, without audio and where nothing else appears. The most characteristic thing is that sadly in this edition they put Big Brother VIP, and if there is something that bothered my husband at that time it was that I was part of a project like Big Brother ”, said Michelle, who affirms that at the time his ex had claimed to have deleted said video, when in fact ‘he saved’ it.

Vieth told Yordi that at the time of their separation, the actor took a long time to sign the divorce papers, and that ‘a lot of strange things’ happened from there:

“I have no doubt that he was the one who leaked it,” he said, referring to the video being exposed just after he finally agreed to sign the separation.

Today for the actress that sad story is part of the past, but at the time it was difficult to overcome.


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