Miley Cyrus: Who is your new romance?

Although at the beginning of the year it was said that Miley Cyrus was interested in Pete Davidson, who apparently is dating Kim Kardashian, everything seems to indicate that the heart of the interpreter of “Adore You” is already occupied by a young musician six years her junior.

Since before the end of 2021, Cyrus was already dating the young Maxx Morando, drummer of the group Liily and with whom Miley was at the end of the year.

The musician he is 23 years old and recent photos have captured the couple in very romantic situations which would confirm their courtship.

Morando was born in Los Angeles in November 1998 and before playing the drumsticks of Liily he did it in another music group called The Regrettes.

Information obtained by AND! News, who have asked relatives and close friends, indicated that the couple has been dating for a couple of weeks and that the relationship between the two is official.

In fact, people close to Cyrus explained that Maxx accompanied her during the recording of the special New Year’s program, “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party”, which was broadcast by the NBC and in which she was next to Pete Davidson.

“He was in the dressing rooms with Miley and Pete both in rehearsals and in the final recording of New Year’s Eve, having a good time with them, they all got along super well. It gives the feeling that they had a great night,” he explained one of the sources.

Apparently the rapprochement between the two took place in September when the two musicians collaborated for a fashion magazine in which they participated.



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