Millos gave Nacional a ‘dance’ and thrashed it in Atanasio

The Bogota team did not win in Medellín by league ten years ago.

In the stadium Atanasio Girardot, National Athletic received Millionaires with the aim of closing the ‘all against all’ with a victory against his fans. The commitment between both sides ended with the score 1-3 thanks to the annotations of Dorlan Pabón who turned the penalty into a goal nine minutes into the first half, while Daniel Giraldo put the tie at 16 and Jader valencia he was in charge of scoring the advantage and closing the victory ‘albiazul’ that was not achieved ten years ago.

The first time between National and Millionaires It started with a high intensity on the part of the two groups. The team of Alberto Gamero He showed another face and made a match similar to the ‘purslane’ team that did not expect the ‘ambassador’ reaction.

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The first goal came thanks to ‘Memin’ Pabón, who received a filtered pass, controlled the ball and when it reached the rival area, he dropped and the judge of the commitment gave a penalty that he himself Pabón was in charge of transforming it into a goal.

Millionaires with the annotation against he fought and did not drop when he saw the scoreboard against. Under the baton of David Macalister Silva, the set of Gamero reacted and at 16 minutes, the midfielder Giraldo He took advantage of a rebound and with a strong shot with his right leg managed to beat Aldair Quintana to put the 1-1 on the scoreboard.

With the tie, the ‘ambassadors’ continued in search of the score that would give them peace of mind, but the crossbar prevented them from Macalister put the Bogota team ahead.

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The second half started, the Bogota squad came out as in the first half. At 47 minutes, the right-back Andrés Román delivered a mid-height cross, the Nacional defender could not reject as he should and the young creative, Daniel ruiz he finished off with his less skillful leg and the ball went to the goal kick.

Millonarios trusted in what was done in the first half and after a few attempts, the goal that gave him an advantage came through Jader valencia at 54 minutes. The attacker took advantage of a Emerson Rodriguez and with a slight jump he headed with the goal alone after Quintana will be found on the outside.

The team of Alberto Gamero knew he could increase his advantage and ten minutes later the young man Rodriguez a fancy move was invented. The right winger took off his rival, finished off with his right leg, but when Quintana was going to control the ball [que se veía fácil] it went under his legs and Valencia arrived only to push the ball and make it 1-3.

National with the score against, he looked for the discount goal, but Esteban Ruiz’s saves, the concentration of the defensive back of Millionaires it kept the result the same.

Millionaires He knew how to hold his advantage, managed to return to victory and will start the final home runs as the head of the group, as he finished in the second box with 36 points.

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