Ministry of Health will keep an eye on food handling in the Egypt neighborhood

This weekend a covid-19 sampling point will be enabled.

In order to guarantee the proper storage, sale and handling of food and beverages during the traditional celebration of the arrival of the Mayan Kings in the Egypt neighborhood of Bogotá, the Ministry of Health will carry out a series of sanitary inspection actions during this Sunday and holiday Monday.

These actions were socialized during the month of November, through two work tables that were held with the Reyes Mayos and Epifanía committee, as well as with the vendors who will be in the tents, to explain good sanitary practices to them when handling and marketing their products.

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Lhe main recommendations made by the Secretariat to sellers are: that a specific person performs the manipulation of the money, in order not to generate cross contamination, enable temperature control both hot and cold in foods that require it.

Likewise, food handling personnel should have short fingernails and no enamel, no coughing or sneezing on top of food, do not eat while handling food, food storage and display should be protected, the tents must be equipped with cans with a lid and bag for the proper arrangementa.

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It is worth mentioning that several teams of the Ministry of Health will be during this Sunday and holiday Monday conducting inspection, surveillance and control of food and beverages that are marketed within the framework of this celebration.

Additionally, taking into account the fourth peak of covid-19, that entity recommends citizens who participates in the celebration of the arrival of the Magi, intensify self-care measures such as the correct use of masks, hand washing, physical distancing, as well as avoiding sharing glasses and cutlery, to prevent the spread of covid-19 during these celebrations.

During this weekend, a sampling point for covid-19 will be enabled in the Egypt neighborhood.

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