Minor hung himself from a rope and took his life in Huila

Family members found the child suspended from a rope in the room where he slept.

A new case of apparent suicide by a minor under 16 years of age has shocked the community of the Garzón municipality, southeast of the Huila department. First versions suggest that the young man was found by one of his relatives, suspended from a rope in the room where he slept; the unfortunate event was presented on the morning of this Saturday, November 20.

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According it was learned through local media that the young man was identified as Juan Felipe Bermeo García, who lived in the Las Palmas neighborhood of this municipality. Apparently the minor had not shown depressing or alarming behaviors for his family members.

At this time, SIJIN Garzón personnel carry out urgent actions, and an official pronouncement by the authorities is expected to clarify what would have happened.For now, it was learned that the La Basílica funeral home will be in charge of watching over the body of Bermeo García.

This unfortunate case is added to that of Yulieth Lizcano Bautista, 18 years old, who on November 2 would have jumped from the seventh floor of the Metropolitan Hotel, in the city of Neiva, Apparently, the young woman had requested a permit to take photographs of the panoramic view of the city, with a view to participating in an alleged contest.

Then a hotel employee accompanied the young woman to the terrace to supervise the activity and in a matter of minutes, while the employee entered another of the rooms for a moment to turn on a fan, Yulieth would have decided to jump into the void.

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It is to remember that if you show in a family member, friend or acquaintance, signs such as; social isolation, severe emotional disturbances, uncommunicative behavior, presence of thoughts or plans of self-harm, call the emergency line 123 or the listening line 321 907 34 39 and 870 22 77, where there is a professional team, which performs an important accompaniment.


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