More than 130 drivers sanctioned for failing to comply with the peak and plate measure in Bogotá

The Secretary of Mobility pointed out that there was an 87% increase in the shared mobility registry.

The Secretary of Mobility of Bogotá Nicolás Estupiñán, revealed that 130 drivers were sanctioned For failing to comply with the peak and license plate measure, which runs from 6 am to 9 pm for vehicles whose license plate ends in an odd number in the case of the day this Tuesday.

He explained that hUntil now, what has been established is that mobility along the city’s roads it has been more fluid especially in the so-called rush hour.

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We have had an 87% increase in the shared mobility record and have a much more efficient use of rail cars, “said Estupiñán.

“On the first day of the spike and plate spread, what you saw was an increase in speed in the off-peak hour, in which there was a reduction in vehicle volumes between 12 and 15% “, he highlighted.

He also pointed out that Permits multiplied through the peak and solidarity plate, with some 1,700 permits being issued, of which half are daily permits (payment for a single day of exemption).

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He recalled that despite the measurement of peak and plate, the displacements along the roads of the city sThey will be slower because the city will go from having 140 work fronts to 500.

“What is happening with the increase in vehicle purchases in the cityIt is something unnecessary for this time, taking into account that a large part of the automobiles are going to be stopped, “said the official.

For the Secretary of Mobility, the problem is not the cars, but the inefficient use they are given and that is what you want to correct.

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