More than 17,000 travelers affected by canceled flights

So far the airlines have been forced to cancel a total of 138 flights and would cancel more flights in the rest of January.

The impact on the number of infections that the omicron variant in Colombia has caused several airlines to have been forced to cancel more than 100 flights, due to the fact that members of their crew tested positive for covid.

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According to Jair Orlando Fajardo, director of Civil Aeronautics, In the midst of the impact due to the increase in infections, a total of 138 flights have been canceled, a measure that has affected more than 17,000 travelers.

Fajardo specified that between last Saturday and the holiday Monday, mobilize in the main airports of the country to a total of #533,000 passengers, of those the 67% in national destinations and 33% with international destinations“.

However, the flight cancellation is a situation that could continue to arise for the next few weeks.

Until now Latam, Viva Air, Avianca have already stated that as a preventive measure the early cancellation of flights next January 15.

Against this background, the recommendation of the authorities is that the travelers contact the airlines before traveling, to verify if there are changes in your flights. In case of changes to the itinerary users can request money back, without any penalty or reschedule your flight at no cost.

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“We invite all passengers to maintain constant communication with the airlines and in the same way, that they arrive two hours in advance for domestic flights and three hours in advance for international flights ”, declared the director of Civil Aeronautics to the national press.

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