Mourning for actress Marie Versini: Winnetou’s little sister is dead

In the film adaptation of the novel “Winnetou Part 1”, Marie Versini delighted numerous western fans. In it she played Nscho-Tschi, Winnetou’s little sister, who falls in love with his blood brother Old Shatterhand. Now the actress has died at the age of 81.

Her death is confirmed on Marie Versini’s homepage. “Marie Versini died on November 22nd, 2021 in Guingamp – France. She thanks all her fans for their friendship and loyalty”, is the sad news.

Nscho-Tschi actress Marie Versini died with her family

Marie Versini made her first appearance in a film at the age of 16 in “Mitsou and the Men”. She played in a total of 53 productions and even shot the German comedy “How women tick” in 2020. In the course of her career she won the “Bravo Otto” (1965 to 1968) four times in the “Best Actress” category. In 1967 she was nominated for a Bambi for “Winnetou and his friend Old Firehand”.

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As “image“reports that the Nscho-Tschi actress passed away after a long and serious illness with her family. Two years ago she was said to have had a serious fall. From this she recovered only slowly.” Nothing is easy anymore. Not even waiting for things to get better, “she said to” Bild “at the time.

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