Movie Releases: Today’s recommendation on the movie billboard is “Bergman Island”

Among the movie premieres of the week is Bergman Island a French film, which is already on the Guadalajara cinema billboard for all moviegoers who like European cinema.

Bergman Island stars Vicky Krieps and Tim Roth. CINÉPOLIS DISTRIBUTION.

“The island Bergman” is a film directed by the renowned French filmmaker My HansenLion, in which a couple of American filmmakers, Chris Y Tony, visit the Island of Fårö during the summer, where the famous Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman lived, in search of inspiration to write his next films.


As the summer progresses, the fascination for the mysterious landscapes of the island increases and they create their respective scripts, being in contact with nature the memories of a first love resurface, but soon the border between reality and fiction is blurred.

The film stars Vicky Krieps as Chris and Tim Roth as Tony.

Ingmar Bergman nation in Upsala, Sweden in 1918, most of his career was spent on the Isle of Fårö, in Sweden, until his death in 2007. Since then, the place has become a recognized place of cultural interest for locals and foreigners, tourists and moviegoers.

Bergman Island

(Bergman Island)

De Mia Hansen-Løve.

Con Vicky Krieps, Tim Roth, Mia Wasikowska, Anders Danielsen Lie, Joel Spira.

France, 2021.



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