Mr. grocer … Do not find it badly parked with the hiring of your employees

Having personnel without social security is a risk that can lead to risks, sanctions and fines of up to 500 times the minimum wage.

Problems before the Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit, UGPP, and before the Dian, fines for non-compliance with the law and financial and criminal reprimands for accidents and death of workers, These are some of the risks that are run when hiring independent workers and not verifying the completion of the settlement and payment of their social security correctly or at least validating that they do not have an efficient system that guarantees that they have done so.

About, Manuel Colmenares, CEO of Sodexo Colombia states that: “Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are unaware of these consequences. For example, in the event of an accident involving the self-employed person, the costs of hospitalization, rehabilitation, treatments and, if applicable, the disability pension, are borne by the ARL with which this person is supposed to be affiliated. But if she did not join and the contracting company did not find out, precisely because it did not demand the payment of contributions or did not verify that it had made them, it is the company that ends up responding for the costs derived from the accident, to which it is added the fine, which can reach 500 SMLMV. Having an independent contractor without being covered by social security is a risk that no company should take ”.

The foregoing occurs especially in the Christmas season, because companies seek to reinforce their staff temporarily to meet the demand for services and the influx of customers, in businesses such as restaurants, shops, clothing stores, footwear, technology, among others. . For this reason, it should be remembered that according to Colombian law, independent workers are obliged to pay themselves and pay their social security contributions. In that sense, the PILA is constituted as an ideal requirement for the payment of the fees and it can be verified by the employer to guarantee the normality of the payment of contributions.

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“However, carrying out such verification can be cumbersome, especially when the company has a large number of independent professionals providing various services. The administrative cost of having a team of people performing this direct verification with the operator of the PILA can be very high and does not guarantee 100% that there are no errors. This leads many entrepreneurs to trust the document that the independent is presenting and badly paid forms are exposed and with errors that make, at the moment of truth, the person is outside the social security system without even knowing it. , least of all the company. This is without counting the cases of falsified payrolls to evade the payment of social security as independent. ”, Argued Manuel Colmenares, general director of Sodexo Colombia.

Thus, it is necessary to avoid risks, penalties and fines that can reach 500 Minimum Legal Wages in Force that can affect the finances of your business. Unique platforms in Latin America, developed in Colombia, such as Nexoz They provide development in relation to the quality of life of the country’s working population, employers and even the environment, since it omits the use of paper for these procedures.

“It is imminent and necessary for there to be legislation in Colombia that seeks the well-being and safety of all. Colombia is in default of having a law that give companies the responsibility to settle, retain and pay the security system directly of its independent workers and that it helps to formalize those who belong to this group in different sectors of the economy. In this way, they would protect themselves against errors, fraud, risks and consequences, and they would ensure the well-being of those who provide them with services under this modality. ”, Pointed out Manuel Colmenares.

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