‘Mucho animal’, a comedy to patch and see at the Chapinero Free Theater

This play stars Robinson Díaz and Alberto Barrero.

On the stage of the Free Theater of Chapinero in Bogotá comes ‘Mucho Animal’, a play starring actors Robinson Díaz and Alberto Barrero, in which viewers can have fun thanks to the content of this montage.

It is a work in which “you will find out what is missing to have more sexual power and be a real beast in bed, “said the actor.

According to Robinson Díaz, the play was written by César Betancur “and it’s a very funny comedy where people are going to have fun and he will find a parallel between what is the sexuality of animals and human sexuality. “

In this production, each attendee “you are going to compare yourself, you are going to see what you need, you are going to have fun, to laugh at others and have a very pleasant time, “added Díaz.

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This comedy for adults explores different experiences with elements “and a general nonsense that is imagine what men’s sexuality would be like if we assimilated certain animal behaviorsEven the sexuality of human beings is very complex, fun and everything, but there are still things to learn from nature. “

For Díaz, the biggest challenge in making this story “is for people to have a more pleasant time, becauseWith this reality that we have in this country, the greatest challenge is to bring people to a state of fun and immersion to spend a very pleasant time, that is guaranteed satisfaction “.

The sex comedy ‘Mucho Animal’ It opens this Thursday, January 13 at 8:00 pm at the Chapinero Free Theater.


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