Muriel sang that Colombia could have a good result against Brazil

The Colombia selection gets ready to visit Brazil on the 13th of Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, and with several confirmed casualties for this meeting, the squad cited by Reinaldo Rueda to face such commitment, and Luis Fernando Muriel was encouraged to expose his feelings prior to the duel.

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At a press conference, the striker who is active in Atalanta, let it be known that “we must face this game with all the weapons we have at our disposal. We must be intelligent, the game will have many phases and we will have to know how to interpret the moments of the game “.

At the same time, he was emphatic that he feels happy to return to a call-up, “I am happy to be here again. To meet my teammates and be in the National Team gives a lot of motivation. I receive my return with great joy“, taking into account that he could not be previously due to injury.

He also said that “if we convince ourselves, we look each other in the face and trust our partner, we can go and find a positive result which is what we all want“, highlighting that the ‘tricolor’ is going to get points in Sao Paulo.

He also dared to talk about James Rodríguez and showed his admiration for him, “he has a great technical ability, a great vision of the game. It will be a key tool for us. We know what it represents. “

In the meantime, he let us know how he feels after the discomfort presented, “Physically I arrived very well, this time helped me a lot to work on my physical part. I feel very good and I think I am in great condition. “

Finally, the Atalanta player made it known that the internal environment is very favorable, since “the harmony is always the same, the group is very united, here you feel the joy of seeing your colleagues again. Familiarity is lived from the first moment “.

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In this way, the Atlantico showed what the game against Brazil generates and the high expectations that it has generated. What’s more, he is ready to contribute to the National Team when Rueda requires it.

The aforementioned duel will be lived this Thursday, November 11 from 7:30 pm (Colombian hour).

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