My puppy wastes class: Puppy wipes his paws before entering his house

The video of the dog has touched more than one user on social networks.

Social networks have become the perfect setting for thousands of people in the world to share the content they want on any subject. These digital platforms are a space for comment, comment and debate on different situations that go viral with the passage of time, depending on the boom they take among the curious.

Recently, among the videos that are usually published about animals, a clip captured the attention of more than one person on Instagram, due to the cuteness and intelligence of a small dog. As recorded in the audiovisual material, A well-behaved pet stole the hearts of its owners by obeying and being clear about what to do once it goes out on its daily walks.

According to the video that was posted by the account ‘I was blamed‘, you can see a small puppy outside a house, waiting for its owners to open the door to enter. The person performs the action and takes the step for the canine to enter, but not before cleaning up the dirt that he brought from his walk.

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The animal enters the place and remains located on a mat, where it begins to constantly clean its legs. The puppy rubs its paws on this surface and, once it feels that it has been cleaned, looks to the side and continues its way inside the home.

He’s more polite than many people I know”, Wrote the account in the caption, where it already has more than a million likes.

Netizens did not hesitate to express how cute and beautiful the canine looked doing this action before returning home. Several onlookers pointed out that it was “divine” and that it was an example to educate other dogs.

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