Natalia Esperón: The Mexican actress returns to soap operas

Natalia Esperón, one of the actresses that causes the most nostalgia in the television audience of the 90s, will be back on the small screen next to the first actress Ana Martín and Alejandra Espinoza, who will star in the melodrama “Corazón Guerrero”, produced by Salvador Mejía .

The beautiful Natalia, who reached the national recognition with the youth telenovela “Agudamientos de color de rosa” (1994), celebrated his return to Televisa, which has been his company throughout his artistic career.

Later he acted in “La antocha encendida”, “The virgin wife” and “The child who came from the sea”, to name a few.

“Let the Garcia live,” wrote Natalia Esperón, who was married to Pepe Bastón, a former Televisa executive, for several years and with whom she had four children: Natalia, Mariana and José Antonio. However, after the unfortunate loss of one of the triplets, the couple separated.

He is now married to actress Eva Longoria, who attended Mariana Bastón’s wedding in Valle de Bravo.

“You are an excellent actress, very successful. I loved your acting from your role in ‘Agurtas de color de rosa’, but I fell in love with your role in ‘The boy who came from the sea’,” wrote a fan. “You are still just as beautiful” and “your return more attractive than I imagine that negotiation was difficult”, are some of the comments he received on Instagram.

Other actors who will work with Natalia in the melodrama of ‘Chava’ Mejía are Gaby Spanic, Altair Jarabo, Marlene Favela and Eduardo Yañez, among others.



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