Netflix: What Are Scientists Saying About “Don’t Look Up”?

“No mires arriba” (“Don’t Look Up”) is the title of one of the premieres most recent in Netflix, in he shows us the story of two astronomers from Michigan State University (UM) who discover that the planet is in the path of a comet, however, the population does not take the issue seriously.

It’s movies it’s a satire on the inability of society to face climate change and the consequences of not being able to take efficient actions as a society.

The idea that the movie suggests has been endorsed by various experts in different areas and that they have expressed their opinion on why society has not generated relevant acts against the crisis that we are experiencing and that nobody seems to see.

Netflix: What do experts say about “Don’t look up”?

UM Climate and Space Science and Engineering Professor Jeremy Bassis he has devoted much of his research to explaining the disintegration of ice sheets.

“Don’t look up is a metaphor for the current climate and the lack of collective action, there is absolute exasperation for not listening to the scientists, ultimately we are not actors ” Dijo Bassist.

“We do not have to wait for national or international agreements, It is possible to work with communities and develop mitigation ideas to avoid, in part, the effects of climate change. It is not necessary to wait to act together at the global level, most of the actions take place at the local level, with the scientists being responsible for the implementation of ideas “added Bassis.

On the other hand, Julia Cole, palaeoenvironmental scientist and professor in UM’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences said “In Don’t Look Up”, even an imminent world apocalypse is not enough to overcome political interests, the media and short-term greed. “

Cole continued; “In the end, the planet loses, however unlike the film, with climate change there is still hope And the best thing is that we know the way to solve the problem. The climatic disasters that occurred during 2021 revealed the reality of the environmental problem, it is time to get serious about eliminating fossil fuels. “

Trish Koman, an environmental health researcher at the UM School of Public Health, shared her thoughts about the lack of important actions to face climate change, the researcher has carried out different studies aimed at mapping the exposure to smoke from California wildfires and consequences in Michigan.

“In 2021, there were more than 18 environmental disasters in the United States for a total of 1 billion dollars each, generating negative impacts on health, especially in children and the elderly. It is necessary to take actions to change the course of the planet and not wait to wait for political solutions that only prolong the problem as in the film. “

Similar to what happens in “Don’t look up”, the solution to the problem has become more and more complicatedWell, we are ignoring new clean technologies.

According to experts, we still have time to stop climate change as long as we start using green energies but it does not seem that we are close to implementing them globally.



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