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The Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators organized a virtual event entitled “The Open Day of the Quarter Qarn Project for Theater and Performing Arts” coinciding with the Arab Theater Day, in order to unify the efforts of its affiliated institutions: “Sharjah Children”, “Sharjah Youth”, “Sjaya Girls of Sharjah” and Sharjah for Capacity Development. From this, the Foundation aims to achieve trust between the affiliate, management and parents, prepare a database for distinguished people in the theater and performing arts track, and establish working groups in training centers and stations, in addition to strengthening future partnerships through the introduction and development of curricula, various training programs and innovative activities that contribute to the development and development of Talents and abilities of children, adolescents and youth.

The open day program included a film about the pilot phase of the project, which was implemented during the fourth quarter of last year with the four institutions, and the announcement of a set of programs and competitions that suit target groups from 6 to 31 years of age during 2022. Dr. Adnan Salloum, art expert, presented Theatrical performances by Sharjah Youth, the upcoming set of programs, are specialized at multiple levels, such as “Puppet Arts”, “Al Furjan Theater”, “Rehabilitation of Trainers” and “Theatrical Arts”.

The “Theatrical Writing Competition” was announced, which is held within the theatrical arts program and directed to all categories of “Rub Qarn” institutions, in addition to the launch of the “Theatrical Creativity Award” targeting the affiliates of these institutions, under which the “viewing, reading, writing and performance awards fall under the slogan “Partners in Creating the Character” Creative.”

The open day witnessed the announcement of the winning texts in the writing competition for Young Theater 2021, which were evaluated by a jury consisting of Muhammad Ghobashi, Abdul-Jabbar Khamran, artist Maree Al-Halyan, Youssef Al-Qassab and Ali Nabil Al-Amiri, graduates of “Sharjah Youth”, and Samir Al-Balushi, coordinator. The text “Who am I” by Nepal Nabil Taher won the first place, the second “maybe definitely” by Fadi Samir Gerges, the third “honor of the challenge” by Asmaa Khamis Al-Abdouli, and the fourth “Three candles” by Muhammad Khader Farroukh.

Khalid Al Nakhi, Acting Director of Sharjah Capacity Development, said, “This is the first integrative path that brings together the four institutions, and we aspire to be successful and we will see the positive impact on it.”

Aisha Ali Al Kaabi, Acting Director of Sharjah Children, said: “This day provides us with the opportunity to learn about the opinions of a group of experts and specialists in theater arts in our presented programs, and also to learn about the details of projects and artistic initiatives for 2022, which help us achieve integration with the institutions that It falls under “a quarter of a century” and work together under one umbrella.

Moza Al Shamsi, Deputy Director of “Sharjah Youth” indicated that the open day came out of keenness to achieve a set of goals, the most prominent of which is strengthening the future system of joint work with bodies and institutions of Emirati society, and opening up horizons for dialogue about the future of theater in the “Rub Qarn” Foundation. and its four institutions, contributing to the realization of its vision: “a societal partner in building conscious and influential generations.”

Asmaa Muhammad Hassouni, Acting Deputy Director of Sajaya Girls in Sharjah, said: “As His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, said, “The world now is in dire need of a new theatrical movement, but rather a new theatrical revolution.” From here, the “Rub` Qarn” institutions set out to meet the call to form a revolutionary theatrical movement to be added as a new gain in the field of literary art.

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