“New work” and challenges after “Corona” | Gulf newspaper

The book “New Work” by Mark Helmold, which was published by the Arab House of Science “Publishers” translated by Zina Baroudi, discusses the new methods of leadership and work, after the transformations that followed the Covid-19 crisis, and the book explains the importance of having global or local companies that enjoy the agility that allow them to work. realistic and virtual. The book delves into the challenges facing international companies, not the least of which is dealing with many cultures, which are affected by highly complex supply and demand factors. Then the financial crisis came in 2008, to increase these challenges, before the Corona pandemic raised them to unprecedented levels, and this as the book confirms: “Making these companies challenge themselves to find innovative ways to keep in touch with their employees spread across several countries, and to be able to continue in competition. Therefore, these international companies have switched to work by default, maintaining communication between the two sides of production and consumption, so as not to disturb the delicate balance of supply and demand.

and Mark Helmold is Emeritus Professor at the International University of Berlin. The Master’s in Business Administration teaches lean management (lean reduction theory), procurement, general management, strategic management, and supply management. He held several senior management positions in leading companies in Germany, the Czech Republic, Japan and China.


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