Newborn abandoned in the middle of the night with a heartbreaking note

The child was found in a box and had a letter on him that said he was premature.

On the last day of the year 2021, a baby was born, which hours later was abandoned by his parents, in a box, next to a mailbox, in the open weather of the low temperatures of Alaska, United States. The baby, who was named TeshawnHe was born premature, according to what was written in the letter that was with him. He would have been born 12 weeks earlier, and you could also read in the letter “My mother was 28 weeks old when she had me.”

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The life of this baby was saved thanks to a young woman named Roxy, who would have discovered the box on her way home, which is near the place where Teshawn was abandoned.. In a video that he had posted on his social networks, he showed the letter he had found, adding “I saved a baby and I will probably think about him for the rest of my life.”

In the letter you could also read a message where it says: “My parents never wanted to do this. My mom is very sad for doing this. Please take me and find me a loving family. “

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