Newspaper reveals how much the royal family contributes to Britain’s economy –

Kate Middleton, Reina Elizabeth II

Royal weddings, as well as births generate millions of dollars in tourism …

Members of the British royal family have long been criticized for their use of taxpayer money, but the family is also a great source of income for the British Isles, according to information from The Telegraph newspaper.

Not only are royal weddings a huge driver of tourist revenue, but also the birth of royal babies, and with that in mind the post has revealed just how much royalty contributes to the English economy.

It’s no secret that Britain earns every year from tourism revenue thanks to the worldwide fascination for the British royal family. Large royal weddings like the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 and the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle in 2018 draw tourists in droves to the island nation, bringing with them a huge source of income.

According to the newspaper, the 2011 wedding generated an estimated increase of US $ 390 million in tourist income. Then Prince George’s arrival two years after his parents’ wedding in 2013 coincided with a record number of tourists in London: more than 29 million visitors from abroad and from the UK flocked to the historic city.

The birth year of her younger sister Princess Charlotte, 2015, saw that record broken once again with nearly 32 million tourists visiting London throughout the year.

These figures are only estimates. In all, the royal family is believed to be responsible for most of the nearly $ 6 billion in tourism revenue that Britain generates each year, according to The Telegraph.

“While it is impossible to quantify the effect the birth of a new royal baby will have on the number of tourists visiting London, it is clear that London’s actual connections and attractions are key factors drawing people from the UK and abroad to visit. the capital, ”says Gordon Innes, CEO of London & Partners.

And whenever cute royal babies are seen sporting an adorable outfit or a new toy, British clothing brands and toy companies see a spike in sales due to their association with younger members of royalty.

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