Nicole Richie Poses For Sweet Pic With Daughter Harlow, 12, and Sister Sofia, 22, They Look Like Triplets

Nicole Richie Poses For Sweet Pic With Daughter Harlow, 12, and Sister Sofia, 22, They Look Like Triplets

‘Sofia Richie shared a photograph of her ‘most loved triplet’: her sister Nicole Richie, niece Harlow Madden, and herself. They could’ve all been sisters! 

We saw three sisters, not two, in this sweet photograph Sofia Richie posted on Sept. 30! The model was presented by her received sister Nicole Richie, 39, and The Simple Life star’s little girl Harlow Madden, 12 (whom Nicole imparts to spouse Joel Madden, 41). Nonetheless, with their light hair and indistinguishable grins, each of the three should have been trios! 

Nicole Richie (focus) takes a mirror selfie with her girl, Harlow Madden (left), and sister Nicole Richie (right). Not imagined is Nicole’s 11-year-old child, Sparrow Madden. (Photograph Courtesy of Instagram/@sofiarichie) 

“My preferred threesome,” Sofia inscribed the sweet shot. Nicole was the person who snapped the family representation, which she trapped in the impression of a gold casing mirror that was set up in what seemed, by all accounts, to be a comfortable lawn. Trees hung with gold lights overshadowed the threesome’s heads. The women likewise share something else in like manner: an incredible eye for style. Sofia glanced comfortable in a realistic tee and pants, Nicole diverted her bohemian style in ribbed red jeans and bangles, while Harlow wore the cutest puka shell jewelry! 

The privileged trios seemed to snap their picture in Sofia’s preferred gold mirror, where she likewise snapped a picture with Nicole during her outside family birthday supper in August. Sofia was turning 22 years of age! Notwithstanding, it was the model’s chance to praise her more established sister’s 39th birthday celebration on Sept. 21, and Sofia reused a similar photograph for a yell out on her Instagram Story. “Glad birthday to my sister/perfect partner/closest companion. I love you to an extreme! @nicolerichie,” Sofia spouted in the accolade post. 

Nicole Richie, Sofia Richie 

Sofia Richie’s father is the amazing artist Lionel Richie, who embraced Nicole Richie (imagined on the left) with his first spouse Brenda Richie when Nicole was nine years of age. 

“Nicole stresses over Sofia racing into something at her age. She ought to be centered around her vocation and herself — not on a relationship with a man that as of now has three children,” the insider revealed to us a year ago. All things considered, that is actually what Sofia’s doing now after she split from Scott this previous summer!