Ninel Conde sees her son again, after the judge’s decision

Without being able to live in person with your child for more than a year and a half, Ninel Conde was reunited with her 7-year-old son Emmanuel at the home of Giovanni Medina, Ninel’s former partner.

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In an interview with the Ventaneando program, Medina explained that a judge authorized cohabitation and he decided not to appeal the decision because it considers that the conditions of safety exist for the minor.

“We want to lead a healthy life, and part of a healthy circle is living with both parents. I always pointed out that I was eager for that, but in the right conditions, and there weren’t any before.”

“Today there are and I have decided not to appeal this decision taken by the authority because I consider it to be correct, a coexistence has been dictated every 15 days from (which began yesterday Tuesday), in a safe space that is the house of Emmanuel, three hours dictated the authority, or what lasts in a healthy natural, organic way coexistence “.

One of the conditions to which Medina refers is the Larry Ramos absence, husband of Ninel Conde, who is currently a fugitive from justice, accused of fraud, and another is that the meeting is in front of a competent authority.

“If these coexistence had been imposed on me elsewhere I would not have agreed because I do not know if that man is hidden nearby or what research there is in this regard. At some point I mentioned, because I had information, that there was a very serious investigation and that this arrest would come, I could not expose my son to that. “

The singer must present a COVID-19 test to have coexistence for the minor and comply with sanitary provisions such as the use of face masks.

“We are going to work so that there is a good bond and a healthy relationship. (Emmanuel) does not have a memory taking him to school, she does not have a memory attending him at night, Ninel never left a single one of her priorities for being a mother.”

Although the coexistence was authorized, it has no relationship whatsoever with the other two lawsuits that the singer filed against Giovanni Medina for moral damage and psycho-emotional damage.

“She’s going to go home, but he has sued meI’m not going to be wasting time anymore, I only have this issue of custody and we are awaiting sentencing. I hope I did the right thing and that it ends here.

The last time that Ninel Conde lived with her son in person was on April 20, 2020.



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