‘No Sex Proll!’ – Cora Schumacher defends Eric Sindermann

Eleven years separate Cora Schumacher (44) and Eric Sindermann (33) – but who will be so petty when the chemistry is obviously right?

Both of them have recently been posing head to head in public, and not just the “Image” presumed: There is more than just a little something.

They met while filming – and ended up arm in arm in a flight simulator.

Cora Schumacher rages against haters: “I wipe my bum with your envy”


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Hours of phone calls “openly about sex”

After that, they would have risked a few private meetings in the last few weeks, and they would also write and phone each other non-stop, Sindermann revealed to “Bild”.

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“Cora is a very pretty woman, I get on very well with her and can have great conversations with her,” said the 33-year-old. “We’re both relatively easy-going, we don’t have a stick up our asses. For example, we talk openly about sex.”

And Cora – who was married to Ralf Schumacher between 2001 and 2015 – enthusiastically comments on Instagram that she has found a true friend in Sindermann whom she can call day and night: “I by no means perceived him as a ‘sex prole’!”

Well, if that’s not a compliment that melts men’s hearts …