No wild party in Bogotá this 2022: There will be no bullfighting season

No private party was interested in the temporary concession of the Plaza de Toros and the process was declared void.

Bogotá runs out of bullfighting season this 2022, as announced by the District Institute of Recreation and Sports (IDRD), after no private party was interested in the temporary concession of the La Santamaria Bullring and that the selection process was declared void.

The project to discourage these events, led by the councilor Andrea padilla and approved during the administration of Claudia lopez, It would have been the main cause that the bidding to make runs in the capital was deserted.

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It should be noted that among the requirements of the agreement, it appears that elements that cut, mutilate, burn or injure animals may not be used. In addition, you will not be able to kill the bulls to carry out the show.

It should be noted that in 2021 the bullfighting day was carried out without having a greater reception, which opened the debate in the Congress from the Republic the one that determines the continuity of these events.

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