Not like that: Prof mistreats two students in Pereira and causes outrage

On the events that led to the teacher’s fury, The young man indicated that because the teacher had not arrived at the classroom, and was several minutes late, he proposed to a classmate that they go out for a walk, on whose walk they were found by the educational coordinator, who called the teacher to verify the version of the students.

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“We saw that the teacher did not arrive, so I took the initiative and told him to go for a walk and later we would come back, we went out, we turned around, we went to the coliseum and when we left there to the workshop We meet the coordinator, he asks us what we were doing, where we were going, we tell him, he calls the teacher, asks him if it is true, the teacher tells him that it is true, who needed us in the workshop, the coordinator lets us go and when we arrive the teacher calls us and scolds us ”, narrated the verbally assaulted student.

Although the two students received apologies from the school directors, RCN Radio managed to establish that the Ministry of Education of the Municipality and the Personería of Pereira opened investigations into the case to establish responsibilities and the offenses in which the teacher could have incurred, while Mayor Carlos Maya requested exemplary sanctions.

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