Octavio Ocaña: This is how the place where “Benito” Rivers died looks like

Almost a week after the death of Octavio Ocana, the point where he hit and died after an accidental bullet, now looks with various flower arrangements from fans of the actor who gave life to “Benito Rivers” in the series “Neighbors”.

“I am going to avenge my son, I am going to do him justice”

The point where Octavio Ocaña died on the Chamapa-Lechería highway has been visited by fans of the actor.

Her partner, Nerea Godínez, shared a couple of images of what the place looks like and the flower arrangements they have left in her memory. These images were accompanied by phrases such as: “All for you my king” and “My child would like to fill you with flowers all my life.”

Nerea Godínez shared the flower arrangements placed where Octavio Ocaña, her fiancé, died. SPECIAL / INSTAGRAM

In one of the images you can count more than 10 flower arrangements.

Octavio Ocaña dies in a terrible accident

Octavio Ocaña, 22 years old, died on Friday October 31 from an accidental gunshot to the head.

The actor was accompanied by two people aboard a truck and hit the side after a pursuit by municipal police from Cuautitlán Izcalli.

The report on the mechanics of the facts, made by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, indicates that “during his flight the driver lost control, left the asphalt tape and hit his right front part; at this time and as a result From the dynamics of this mishap, the driver presumably triggered the firearm that he carried in his right hand. “

The firing of the weapon produced in Octavio “an injury with characteristics of an entrance hole located in the right parietal and an exit hole in the left parietal, at an upward angle”. The trajectory of the bullet confirms that the weapon “was fired from inside the vehicle and by the person who was carrying it.”

Octavio Ocaña: family denounces police negligence

Octavio Pérez, father of Octavio Ocaña, denounced that the death of his son was not accidental as the authorities ruled and that in the case there was negligence on the part of the municipal police who participated in the event.

“I am going to avenge my son, I am going to do him justice.”

The businessman acknowledged that the weapon his son was carrying was his property, but the bullet found in his head did not correspond to the same caliber.

In addition, he described as negligent that Instead of giving him first aid, the uniformed began to record his son when he was dying.

Also, they denounced that the uniformed men stole a chain from the actor. Through Instagram stories, both Bertha Ocaña and Nerea Godínez, sister and girlfriend, respectively, accused an officer of stealing the piece of jewelry from the deceased today.

Both, in their publications on social networks, pointed out that while “Benito” was still alive after the impact of his truck on the Chamapa-Lechería highway, a police officer took Octavio’s slave.

“It was not enough for them to kill him pigs !!! They stole everything they could !! that chain was ours”Godínez wrote.

The case escalated to the federal government, where the same President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), instructed the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, to contact the actor’s family and review the case.

Octavio Ocaña was “Benito Rivers” in “Neighbors” for 16 years

Octavio Augusto Pérez Ocaña, was born on November 7, 1998 in Villahermosa, Tabasco.

From the age of five he gave life to the character “Benito Rivers”, from the series “Neighbors”, role that he obtained thanks to the intervention of César Bono.

“César Bono and Solorio told me that they had already chosen me for the last test but I auditioned with two more children. A friend named Octavio had just died and he asked me to be with him because we were noses and he remembered him to his friend, “Octavio Ocaña shared in an interview with the” Los Angeles Times “newspaper, published four months ago.

Since then at the age of five became “Benito Rivers“, the only child of” Pancho Ríos ‘Frankie Rivers’ “(César Bono), a frustrated actor and writer, and” Lorena Ruiz “(Ana Bertha Espín), a housewife and her little boy’s agent, who despite constantly telling him that he did not want to be an actor, she did not miss the opportunity to put him into whatever casting he found.



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