Oliver Pocher distributes free tickets: Free entry with Kimmich jersey

Who dares to go into Oliver Pocher’s comedy program on Monday evening with a jersey from Bayern and national player Joshua Kimmich? There are still remaining tickets for the “dangerously honest” performance at Circus Krone in Munich for 34 euros. The 43-year-old also attracts with free admission.

Free entry with Kimmich jersey at Oliver Pocher

“Whoever comes in a Joshua Kimmich jersey has free entry with an accompanying person. Isn’t that funny?”, Oliver Pocher proclaims in his Instagram story from the Munich luxury five-star hotel Mandarin Oriental. Then the popular TV star smirks: “And also gets a vaccination on top, triple boosted – with Sputnik!”

No wallet, just bring self-confidence

But for whom is it possibly “dangerously honest”? In addition to free cards, Pocher will certainly also give you an extra portion of attention for the jersey wearer. Attention: There should definitely be no lack of self-confidence! Will it be humorous or uncomfortable?

Oliver Pocher takes on other social media stars and influencers during appearances and in his “screen control” on Instagram – quite clearly, boldly and ruthlessly. He promotes getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Vaccination debate about Joshua Kimmich: Merkel also intervened

Joshua Kimmich did the same with his “We Kick Corona” campaign. He said in October that he himself did not want to be vaccinated for the time being. The Bayern player justified this with “missing long-term studies” on the vaccines. With this statement, he had kicked off a public debate. Player colleagues and club bosses were also critical. Angela Merkel said in the FAZ: “Maybe Joshua Kimmich is still thinking about it.” Are available.”

Not vaccinated: Joshua Kimmich gave corona oaths a face


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Bayern star Joshua Kimmich has not yet been vaccinated against corona.

Side effects feared: what is the truth of Kimmich’s vaccination concerns?


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Oli Pocher and his wife Amira contracted Covid-19 last year and have been vaccinated since spring 2021.


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