On video: Garza eats a snake and it comes out of his open neck

When the heron realizes that its prey is escaping, it grabs it again with its beak, but the scene is repeated.

The nature can be surprisingly strange, and the wild life quite cruel. In the animal kingdom it can be said that anything goes and the law of the strongest will always reign.

On this occasion, a White Heron very particular has aroused different reactions in netizens. The reason? The poor is condemned to eat forever and never be satiated.

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On video it was recorded when the White Heron a snake is ‘having lunch’, but unexpectedly it slips down his throat, even though he had already swallowed it all.

This is because the bird’s neck is open, probably due to wildlife issues, since it cannot be verified that the wound it was the product of a premeditated act; and that is why the snake manages to save itself.

When the garza he realizes that his prey is escaping he grabs it again with his beak, but sadly the scene is repeated.

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“Nature does not favor the weak, but over and over again, he finds a way to stay and show us what it means to be resistant, “the account writes in the description of the video. ‘Nature metal’.

In Internet users, the video has generated diversity of comments.

“How is it that he has the strength to move like this?”, “How crazy”, “definition of infinity in nature”, read on the social network.


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