One-year-old boy dies intoxicated after consuming ‘bicha’ that he left vicious on the floor

The terrible tragedy occurred in the Bellavista neighborhood of the San Cristóbal town in the south east of Bogotá.

A baby just one year old died in the last hours at accidentally consuming a hallucinogenic substance that a ‘vicious’ left on the floor of a house located in the south east of the country’s capital.

The sad episode occurred in a residence in the Bellavista neighborhood of La town of San Cristóbal Sur.

It was established that the mother of the little angel, apparently left the offspring in the care of a neighbor, where supposedly the little one would have found the hallucinogen lying on the floor tiles.

Everything seems to indicate that the minor put the strange element in his mouth and after swallowing it, it generated a severe poisoning.

In the middle of the emergency, the infant was rushed to the facilities of the Santa Clara Hospital from Carrera 14 B with Calle Primera Sur in full Bogota center where unfortunately his death occurred.

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