Oscar Isaac Sexy Photos

Oscar Isaac Sexy Photos

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You know, Oscar Isaac is one of those celebrities who, when you say, “Ugh, I love him” to someone, chances are they’ll respond with, “Get in line.” So in appreciation of this national treasure, here’s a look at some A+++ images of Oscar that are bound to make anyone swoon. You’re welcome…


Like this image of him embracing Jessica Chastain that recently sent Twitter ablaze.

Stefania D’alessandro / Getty Images


The ARM KISS we all didn’t know we wanted.

Elisabetta A. Villa / Getty Images


And this Carrie Fisher kiss that I could watch on repeat forever.


This look-to-end-all-looks from the set of Dune.

Chiabella James / Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection


Here’s a wonderful one of him licking his fingers.


And one licking his lips. (Don’t act like you don’t love it.)


You know what’s better than a picture of just Oscar Isaac? A picture of him with Pedro Pascal. **Heart eyes**


Here’s a perfect red carpet pic of Oscar that should win all the awards. What awards? IDK, just all of them.


Here he is looking lovingly and proud at his Golden Globe Award, which you probably wish was you.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


How is it possible to look this good while rocking a pencil mustache?!


And don’t say I never gifted you anything, because here’s a GIF of him shirtless and demonstrating that iconic lick.


Here he is as Poe DAMNeron.

Jonathan Olley / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Lucasfilm / Courtesy Everett Collection


And here’s a snap of Oscar looking impossibly adorable while getting his mustache shaved.


If you’ve seen Ex Machina, then you already KNOW how great his dance moves are.


I suddenly want to buy 100 turtlenecks.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection


Here’s Oscar holding and patting the cat in Inside Llewyn Davis …I’ve never wanted to be a cat more in my life.


And here’s a set photo of him from Llewyn Davis that honestly belongs in a museum.

Alison Rosa / CBS Films / Courtesy Everett Collection


Finally, this is technically a video, but I had to include it because if you’ve never heard Oscar singing tenderly from a chill rooftop in New York City, then you have never truly lived. Enjoy:

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TheNightLab / Via youtube.com

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