“Our police officers also have rights”: García Harfuch will investigate alleged police abuse against a minor

They arrest a minor in La Condesa for possession of marijuana (video: @lwolffer)

After the aggression that two capital city policemen committed against a minor who allegedly carried marijuana in Parque México, in the Condesa neighborhood, the Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, Omar García Harfuch, stated that in case it is confirmed that there was police abuse we are going to proceed with “clarity and forcefulness”.

“In the case yesterday there was no arrest as such, but there was a review of 10 young people and right now the colleagues (police) are summoned on the 7th floor to review exactly what happened. In the case of police abuse, it will proceed as in all cases with total clarity and forcefulness”, He reported after the installation of the Security Cabinet in Milpa Alta.

However, the Mexico City police chief clarified that the city’s cameras will be reviewed before determining whether there was an abuse by the authorities, since they were not based solely on information disseminated in the media. .

“Not only because a note or a message appears on Twitter stating that it was police abuse, we are going to take it for granted immediately. […] Just as all citizens have the right, so our police officers have the right and our duty is to find out exactly what happened in each case.“, he claimed.

“If there was a video where the complaint is clearly confirmed, in that case the colleague is discharged. All investigations are carried out not only with the videos provided but also with the videos of other witnesses, private cameras or the C5, ″ he added.

This Saturday, January 8 two police officers subdued and handcuffed a minor after he allegedly carried drugs. The boy was in the Mexico Park located in the colony Condesa, when the pair of policemen they held him against a wall. After this event, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum has been pronounced.

Various videos about the adolescent’s arrest began to circulate on social media. “I don’t bring drugs and stop touching my noble parts”, were some of the screams that the young man shouted – referring to his genital area – at the policemen.

Among these videos, it can also be seen how when subjected by a police officer, he ends up being hanged with his forearm. Following the arrest of the teenager, both police officers proceeded to search him, allegedly finding a small bag of marijuana.

Claudia Sheinbaum
Photo: Twitter

“Do not push me, I ask you”,“I am not bringing anything! Don’t grab me there! ”, exclaimed the young man while his friends argued against the elements that held him back.

For its part, Claudia Sheinbaum He reported on social networks about the immediate investigation of the case, in addition to positioning himself against police abuse and criminalization against young people.

The carrying of marijuana for recreational consumption continues to be penalized in the interior of the country. However, in June of last year (2021), the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) issued a ruling on this consumption, declaring the prohibition unconstitutional and allowing the harvest, cultivation, planting and consumption of marijuana, only to adults with permits issued by the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks (Cofepris).

In this sense, the carrying of marijuana can only be carried out legally once a permit has been processed to authorize the recreational use of cannabis. The ruling made last year does not contemplate the legislation regarding the use of marijuana for medicinal or research purposes, so those who trade cannabis products must follow the regulations previously established by Cofepris.


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