Pa ‘la casita … More than 450 indigenous people from Bogotá in Risaralda reservations

The indigenous people have been in the Florida park in Bogotá for about 2 years.

The process of returning the 125 families from the Embera Chamí and Embera Katio communities to the municipalities of Pueblo Rico and Mistrató, to the west of Risaralda, will be carried out in the middle of the assembly of an operation of various local and national entities, seeking that the people who have lived in Bogotá for about two years, have decent conditions to guarantee the permanence of the community in the territory.

Luis Alberto Donoso, territorial director of the Unit for Victims in the Coffee Region, he assured that for him return of these 446 people Comfortable buses, trucks will be provided for the transfer of belongings and mules for their final displacement to the resguardos.

“The families are in a very complex situation and we know that many of them want to return to their territory, We have a scheduled return date between December 1 and 2, but we also depend on the agreement with the indigenous authorities ”, assured the territorial director of the Unit for Victims in the Coffee Region.

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With these indigenous families who will return, seven identification days have already been held and where they expressed their willingness to return to their ancestral villages. In this way, 119 families will return to Pueblo Rico and six more to Mistrató.

Additionally, these indigenous communities will be given housing kits that contain 20 tiles, ties, ax, machete, hammer, saw, file, hoe, barretón and three money transfers will be made for sustainability of the return, which will be every four months.

The indigenous leaders will hold another meeting this week in the city of Bogotá trying to define the return date and specific commitments to benefit the returned community and the host families.

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