Pablo Urdangarin gets in shape on the streets of Vitoria



If in this 2021 one of the protagonists has been Victoria Federica for her public exposure both on social networks and in the public events to which she has begun to attend to show herself as an influencer from head to toe, this 2022 may be the year of the much acclaimed, Pablo Urdangarin.

There has been talk of a competition between cousins, but the truth is that Urdangarin’s son does not compete with anyone, in fact social networks are still closed and he avoids the media cameras so as not to expose himself too much … although he does. It is true that it is too late. His enviable physique has attracted the attention of many of his followers and he is proclaimed as one of the most handsome young men in the Royal Family.

Despite not having his social networks open, there have been many videos and photographs that have leaked of his social life and the truth is that he has more and more public interest … but what does the son of Infanta Cristina do? to work on your physical appearance?

In the first place, it does not spare a single day of carrying out physical exercise and that is that everyone who is an athlete, knows that you have to take a few minutes every day to be and stay in shape. In these images that Europa Press has obtained exclusively, we can see the young man how he takes advantage of the night in Vitoria and not precisely to go out to party, but to run and continue to maintain that physique so acclaimed on social networks.

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