PAC will denounce Mayor Carlos Viales for false testimony

The parliamentary faction of the Citizen Action Party (PAC) will denounce the mayor of Corredores, Carlos Viales Fallas, before the Public Ministry. The pro-government deputies blame his testimony for having denied under oath, in a legislative commission, having any link with the construction of a bridge on the farm of an alleged drug trafficker.

This was reported this Friday, The nation, Deputy Luis Ramón Carranza, who was one of the promoters of the Legislative Assembly opening a commission to investigate the alleged links of organized crime organizations with politics and, in particular, with the municipalities of the southern zone.

The PAC was only waiting for the congressional administration to deliver to the Public Ministry a certified copy of the statements issued by the mayor of Corredores, at the September hearing.

The certification was sent this Thursday by the executive director a. i. of Congress, Freddy Camacho, through official letter AL-DALE-OFI-0004-2022.

“You are informed of the official letter through which the deputy Luis Ramón Carranza requests to present, before the Public Ministry, the testimony of pieces against the mayor Carlos Viales Fallas by virtue of a probable occurrence of the crime of false testimony committed in his appearance of the September 21, 2021″, says the note.

In the appearance, the mayor of the National Liberation Party (PLN) denied having any relationship with the bridge built on the property where the alleged drug trafficker Darwin González would build a water bottling plant and even provided the deputies with certifications that the Municipality of Corredores did not invested money in the work.

However, in the judicial file of the case, the town hall master builder, Miguel Cubero, declared to the Prosecutor’s Office that Carlos Viales entrusted him with the construction of the bridge and constantly monitored the work, in which personnel and public resources. In addition, he provided copies of chats that he exchanged with the mayor on the progress of the project.

Additionally, this same week, the municipal supplier Reymond González declared to the Prosecutor’s Office that, in the Corredores town hall, it was said that the alleged drug trafficker’s water bottling company paid for the construction of the bridge on a private estate in Río Bonito, but the contracted people used municipal resources in the work.

Carranza stated that the PAC will take the case to the Prosecutor’s Office as a fraction, after he had asked the president of the Assembly, the liberationist Silvia Hernández, to present the complaint for false testimony against Carlos Viales.

Knowing that Hernández remained outside the certification of the minutes, Carranza said that this is “the same attitude of avoiding the issue, of not getting involved and letting others do it, ignoring the impact of the matter.”

“We have seen the Public Expenditure Commission meeting twice a day with very important issues, but not this commission on drug trafficking. There is a tolerance towards drug traffickers in politics, evidently”, affirmed the legislator from San Carlos.

The legislative president had accused Carranza of being a populist for having asked her to present the complaint. He affirmed that the PAC legislator bordered almost on ignorance, because he can, with the help of the Congress administration, certify minutes of a commission and any other documentation to present them to the Public Ministry.

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