Pamela Anderson will relive sex scandal in Pam & Tommy, her biographical series

One of the most mediatic and scandalous couples of the 90s, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, will now have its own biographical series.

Is about “Pam & Tommy“, a show that will be broadcast in the United States on the Hulu platform, which, as a result of the announcement of an advance through social networks, is giving a lot to talk about.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee: What is the series about?

This new project will show the story about the sex scandal starring Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the mid-nineties and that gave both more reflections.

In the trailer that is already on the internet you can see Lily James and Sebastian Stan playing the model and the musician, respectively.

It is Lily who in the preview looks unrecognizable with the change of look that is done for this production.

For his part, the actor had to fill his body with tattoos to resemble the Mötley Crue drummer.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee: the video

Pamela and Tommy got married in 1994, just four days after meeting. The couple formed one of the best-known duets in the entertainment industry, especially for that home video that reached the Internet and in which both could be seen having sex.

These celebrities acknowledged that the material was stolen from the couple’s mansion by one of their employees after receiving labor abuses by both; the worker took the safe and found the VHS cassette, later he made a website and began distributing the content for a hefty sum of money. It didn’t take long for all of Hollywood to find out about his existence.

This series will focus on the days when Pamela was the protagonist of “Guardians of the Bay”, at which time the video scandal was released.

After the leak, the couple decided to take this case to court seeking compensation for the invasion of your privacy.

After what happened, many other videos of a sexual nature starring celebrities came to light, including that of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.



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