Paola Jara was recording too much and almost shows ‘such’ by Jessi Uribe

The singer recorded her partner and he avoided showing himself more in his crotch.

Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe with one of the most commented couples on social networks since they confirmed their romantic relationship. The singers were the protagonists of rumors since they had a friendship, since many users of digital platforms assured that there was something else between them.

Popular music artists have unleashed comments for their engagement, the gifts that are often given, the jokes they make and the questions they answer in Instagram dynamics. The two have been criticized in different publications by those who do not agree with their courtship.

Recently, the interpreter of ‘Feeling’ He wanted to share with his followers a bit of the moment he was living with his partner, so he recorded a small video for the stories on his official Instagram account. The artist He wanted to focus that they were both having breakfast, but this clip took Uribe by surprise.

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As it is observed, while the celebrities were enjoying a small vacation, the Colombian registered a little of the sight that she had of her boyfriend, who was checking the cell phone and consuming food. The moment Jessi sees that they are filming him, all he does is feel sorry and stretch his shirt to cover his crotch.

The interpreter of ‘La Conquista’ was sitting on a chair, wearing a light skeleton and his underwear, when he did not hide the pain he felt when he saw that his girlfriend was recording him with little clothing. This gesture unleashed negative comments, among which they refer disparagingly to the Colombian.