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Dubai: Maha Adel

The main theater of Dubai Opera is preparing to host the famous flamenco show “The Passion of Flamenco” on February 5, which returns to the opera audience after an absence to dazzle fans of performing arts and rhythmic dance with a new show in which two elements of music merge, each with its own charm: “Flameco music.” And Arabic music in one show for the first time, where different musical cultures converge and mingle so that each one supports the existence of the other and together presents the viewer with an evening full of fun and fascination.

The show features some of the world’s most prominent flamenco dancers and the show’s heroes such as Kika Quesada and Javier Martos.

The Dubai Opera audience, who loves soundtracks for international films, jazz and “pop”, will be on a date with a distinguished orchestral concert celebrating a group of the most famous songs of the famous “James Bond” films that lived in Bogdan and the memory of audiences from all over the world for 6 decades. Continuous success, through a concert celebrating pop and jazz music “Bond melodies” on February 12th.

The Dubai Opera Grand Orchestra, which returns to the Dubai audience with a special concert celebrating the tunes and music of Bond, will present this huge concert full of excitement and suspense, with the participation of more than 25 musicians and musicians of the best and best jazz musicians in the UAE and the Gulf region.

Also participating in the singing are a group of prominent international singers: Andrea Flores, Naz Holland, and Nick Pritchard. The concert program includes a group of songs and melodies stuck in the audience’s memory, such as: “Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, Skyfall, Live And Let Die.License To Kill.”

Ballet Palace

Dubai Opera revealed to its fans, through its official website, that it will host the “Ballet Crystal Palace” concert from 16-19 February, after the success achieved by its performances in European theaters.

This big show party is considered the first performance of the Crystal Palace Ballet in the Middle East. As it lands at Dubai Opera for the first time, the show is produced by the Summit Event Group in cooperation with the European Foundation for the Promotion of Culture. As for the music of the Crystal Palace Ballet; It bears the signature of contemporary Maltese composer Alexei Schor, and is performed on stage by an elite group of Bolshoi Theater dancers and artists. Soprano Anna Aglatova also participates in the work, along with maestro Pavel Klinishev, who conducts the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

The show features unique operatic elements and a troupe of the famous Bolshoi Theatre, home to one of the world’s most famous and largest ballet troupes.


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