Past Boss: Driver fined for being one minute late

The driver was on the wrong platform and the maneuver to return to his destination caused him to be delayed for a minute.

A driver of Japanese train denounced his employer for imposing a 56 yen fine on him ($ 0.50) of his salary after a delay of just a minute in Japan’s punctual rail system, the company said Thursday.

The machinist complained against West Japan Railway at the beginning of the year and seeks compensation of 2.2 million yen ($ 19,470) for mental anguish caused by the experience, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper.

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In June 2020, the conductor had to move an empty train to a parking lot at the station Okayama (western Japan), but you got the wrong platform.

This delayed the change of conductor and made the train leave and arrive at destination one minute later than plannedadded the newspaper.

A spokesperson for West Japan Railway confirmed the lawsuit told AFP on Thursday, but declined to comment because “the complaint is ongoing.”

“The reason this has become a complaint is because of differences in how to interpret” the cause of the delay, said this spokesman.

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Japan’s rail system is known worldwide for its efficiency and punctuality, usually pointed out as an example for other countries.

In 2017, a local rail operator made international headlines after issuing an apology for the “tremendous inconvenience” caused by a train leaving 20 seconds earlier.

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