Peak and plate all day: Find out how to get around when the harsh restriction begins

In addition to the solidarity peak and plate, these are the alternatives for mobility in Bogotá in 2022.

From the next Tuesday, January 11, The inhabitants of Bogotá who have a private vehicle must abide by the measure announced by the Ministry of Mobility, which establishes that the peak and license plate during this 2022 will govern between the 6:00 am and 9:00 pm., yes, taking into account the last digit of the plate as it was getting used to.

The decision, announced a week ago, follows the strategy to reduce traffic flow in the capital, taking into account the increase in works that will take place in 2022 due to the construction of the First Line of the Bogotá Metro, in addition to the improvement in road mesh which is currently being carried out in the city.

However, the new restriction has not been very well received among Bogota citizens, so there are already several solutions that have been proposed to those who seek to circulate freely in the city, but it is true, it will also demand more money or face to the levels of insecurity that the city has.

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Options to travel without restriction when peak and plate start in Bogotá

1. Pico and solidarity plate

This permit offered by the Bogotá Mayor’s Office is one of the first options when trying to get out of the restriction. However, the money that the interested party must pay will depend on the characteristics of his car (cylinder capacity, fuel and model), the appraisal of this, the time of validity, in addition to the municipality or city in which it was registered.

However, base rates apply, depending on the time you want to mobilize without peak and plate restriction:

  • One day: $ 51,700
  • One month: $ 413,000
  • Six months: $ 2,660,000

Those who want to access this permit and know how much money they must prepare to obtain it, can do so through the simulator and thus find a close price.

To know the process to register for the solidarity peak and plaque, you can see this link.

2. Buy a motorcycle or bicycle

Another of the alternatives that many citizens have chosen has to do with the purchase of a motorcycle, since this means of transport is currently exempt from the peak and plate –although it would be studying to apply the measure– so for many it is a great choice, especially when it comes to avoiding traffic jams.

In the market, the price range of a motorcycle, depending on the make and model, varies in prices from $ 1’000,000 onwards, thus turning out to be an option that can go beyond the peak and solidarity plate, taking into account that this permit for six months it exceeds $ 2,000,000.

As for bicycles, which is also one of the most recurrent alternatives, cycle paths are no longer the problem to be able to circulate in this means of transport, because although it is true, in recent years the construction of these routes has allowed bi-users better mobility. However, the wave of insecurity that Bogotá is going through is usually one of the motivations for refraining from buying a bike.

3.Buy a new vehicle with a different plate than the one already purchased

For those with greater purchasing power, this option turns out to be another one that citizens resort to in order to be able to move around with peace of mind every day of the week.

Even, as explained by the secretary of mobility, Nicolás Estupiñan, 49% of households have two cars, ensuring that the other additional car was bought so as not to have a pick and license plate. Thus, the figure would increase this year due to the new restriction.

4. Public transport

Finally, for whom none of the above options is viable, Transmilenio and the SITP would be the last alternatives to take to be able to travel on the days that your vehicle is restricted. However, it is worth noting that this means of transport also had an increase in the rate, after two years without any modification.

Thus, the ticket for this year will be $ 2,650 in the case of the trunk service, while for the zonal service the rate will be $ 2,450.

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