Pelada went through tremendous surgery after pit bull ripped off upper lip

The young woman had to use a feeding tube through her nose during recovery.

Brooklinn Khoury, is the 22-year-old girl, whom a pit bull ripped off his upper lip and part of his nose: A year after the terrible attack, the young woman underwent complex surgery It cost him $ 400,000 to try to improve his smile.

Khoury It is Mission Viejo, California , and before the serious accident happened he was working on his successful modeling career. However, he also worked in the field of social networks What influencer and he was about to shoot his first commercial when the unfortunate event occurred that changed the course of his life completely.

a pitbull -Pet of a family member- was in charge of drastically altering the face of Brooklinn Khoury. The events took place on November 3, 2020, when he was visiting his family in Arizona, USA.

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“The animal was shaking its head like a toy and finally tore off all of my upper lip and parts of my nose,” said the young American.

A year has passed since the day the event occurred and Brooklinn underwent a major surgery that changed his life because in his channel of Youtube, the young woman confessed, through a video published days before the surgery, that “she had very mixed feelings.”

“It has been a year since the pit bull attacked me and ripped off my upper lip and parts of my nose. I finally found a surgeon. It is going to be a very long road to recovery, thank you for being on this journey with me “added the young woman who was attacked.

In in the video, Brooklinn He also explained that basically the operation consisted of taking a little skin and an artery from his arm and putting it in his mouth to act as a new lip, in addition they would place a feeding tube in the nose, since he wasn’t going to be able to move his mouth at all.

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