Pelada’s family with ‘crystal bones’ requests transfer to Bogotá for their attention

According to the patient’s mother, they have not contacted her to care for her daughter who fractured both tibiae.

Daniela Fiquitiva, a young woman who suffers from a disease called osteogénesis imperfecta, also known as ‘crystal bones’, suffered an accident in Santa Marta, where the tibiae were fractured. According to Constanza Fernández, mother of the young woman, The Nueva EPS has not contacted them to transfer her to Bogotá, where her family is.

“On Tuesday he went on a trip to Santa Marta A wave came, hit him on the legs and fractured both tibiae. In which, on one of his legs he has to do a very complex surgery. I ask the New EPS to move her to Bogota, since here is his family and it is where he can have constant accompaniment “, indicated the mother of the patient.

As indicated by the EPS, “in the case of the aforementioned, at no time has there been any negligence, because the transfer request has already been given and that the handling has been given in the regular times that this type of process requires, much more taking into account the type of specialty required ”.

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They also indicated that so far no optimal place has been found to transfer the young woman, since their care is special and in places like Barranquilla and Bogotá, According to the entity, it is where these services are provided. Likewise, they indicated that the request was made at the national level.

However, according to the entity, “knowing the user’s place of residence, priority has been requested for transfer to the city ​​of Bogota, according to the availability of the institutions that handle this type of pathologies ”.

Daniela Fiquitiva is 23 years old and at her young age she has already suffered more than 100 fractures in different parts of your body, due to a genetic disorder in which your bones are so brittle that can fracture at the slightest blow.

So far, the mother of the patient is still waiting for them to contact them for confirmation of the transfer site and that Daniela can receive her treatment and surgery properly and according to what they have told her in the last statements is that in Bogota there are no clinics that have beds to receive it.

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