Pelado carried ‘tuta’ to his cucho for 6 hours to receive the anti-COVID-19 vaccine

With his father on his back, Tawy crossed the jungle to the vaccination center.

Tawy Zoe, is the boy who became famous in the social networks for carry your father for hours, to avoid getting sick from coronavirus.

The pair of men live in the Brazilian Amazon Y his love it’s so unconditional that Tawy decided to charge Wahu Zoe, his father, on his back and cross the whole jungle until you get to cvaccination centerWell, the lord is a Elderly and is part of the population at risk.

The story went viral, thanks to Erik Jennings -medical- said the moving scene, also captured the moment in which Tawy arrives with the father behind him so that he could finally receive the vaccine against this lethal virus.

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“The most memorable moment of 2021. Tawy Zoe bringing his father, Wahu Zoe, to receive the first vaccine against COVID-19. Tawy carried his father for six hours inside a forest with hills, streams and obstacles to our base ”, wrote this specialist doctor who works in one of the vaccination centers.

For the doctor, it was impressive that the young man would have crossed a jungle with a man on his shoulders for more than six hours, and even more mind-boggling was the idea that the boy should be returned home in the same way.

“Once the vaccine was given, he put his father back on his back and walked for another six hours to his village. The year 2022 arrives and no case of COVID-19 in the population of Zoe“, Concluded the doctor.

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