Pelado was stabbed at a Transmilenio station for not allowing himself to be stolen celuco

The thieves managed to escape by jumping through one of the doors of the Avenida Chile Transmilenio station.

One citizen denounced through their redes sociales the act of vandalism happened this Wednesday, January 12 in the Chile avenue Transmilenio station.

“They just stab a boy in the letter eChile avenue station for not being steal the cell phone and the policemen chatting on their cell phones, the robbers got off like nothing and jumped out of the station, “wrote the complainant.

Citizens took advantage of this publication to express their concern about insecurity who lives in the capital and made an urgent call to the Mayor Claudia López, to the company of Transmilenio Yet the National Police.

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The young complainant also confessed that the pitiful fact it could be prevented: “The worst thing is that in the last chair next to me there was a military man with camouflaged uniform and the man did not flinch, he did not even go to help the boy, the man remained calm and did not move from his chair “assured the citizen.

So far the authorities have not made a statement and the citizens are still afraid of so much insecurity in Bogotá.

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