Peñalosa spoke about the contagious ‘bug’ that gave him a hard time

Former Mayor Peñalosa had to be hospitalized urgently after contracting covid.

The former mayor of Bogotá, Enrique Peñalosa, It had to be hospitalized urgently after being informed that had covid-19 after presenting complications in his health.

The politician was taken to Simon Bolivar Hospital, in the north of Bogotá, for a lack of saturation who suffered as a result of the coronavirus that he suffers from.

Through his Twitter account, this Friday Peñalosa himself explained that he was hospitalized “after a low in oxygen due to covid”, but he clarified, given the rumors that he was in a serious state of health, that he find well, but under medical observation for precaution.

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“I’m already much better thanks to the wonderful team at Hospital Simón Bolívar. Thank you for so many kind messages,” he said.

Hours earlier, his communications team had signaled that the presidential candidate of Team Colombia, I was suffering chills, fever and weakness, symptoms that are expected due to the contagion, however, the alarms went off because their saturation dropped to worrying levels, as it reported a saturation of 84.

“The doctor who went to see him referred him to the Simon Bolivar to take some tests. He is out of danger and tomorrow he will be discharged,” said the communication released in social networks.

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